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November 12, 2017

Walking Safely at Night

Gear for running after dark


There is nothing better than a walk,run or cycle on a cool, crisp evening in the Winter time. 


However , the dark evenings does present us with a risk that we have to think about and prepare for!


Be Bright Be Safe Be Seen


There is a superb local campaign by Get Active Down & Armagh to raise the issue of safety for runners, cyclists and walkers at night.


For many of us, the evening time is the only opportunity to get some much needed exercise or even just a breath of fresh air particularly if you have been working in an office all day.


There is nothing better than getting out into the crisp Winter air. However, it does bring with it it’s hazards due to the now very dark evenings from 4pm on.


With many dark, rural roads and byways, motorists do find it very difficult to see people out on the road getting a little exercise

It is is vital to be


Be Bright Be Safe Be Seen


Gear for running after dark

Wear Reflective or Bright Colour Clothes!

There are many cheap products available that will keep you bright, safe and seen in the dark months of winter.


Check out some of them below – click on the pic or title to grab! 


LED Flash Shoe clips

LED Flash Shoe Safety Clip


Reflective Armbands


Fantaseal Hi Reflective Running Band



Reflective Glowing Bag Pendant


Reflective Glowing Bag Pendant



High Visibility LED lighting Sets Safety Vest


High Visibility LED lighting Sets Safety Vest


Reflective Headphones


Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Earphones with Reflective Cable


Pram Reflectors


Simply stick on reflectors on your baby’s pram to add an extra source of visibility and get out there and enjoy your walk.


Check out the video below – these are cheap and easy to put on your pram – They can be bought on Amazon HERE



Running at Night


Gear for running after dark

Top Tips for Running, Cycling or Walking in the Dark Mornings or evenings

Run against the traffic!


This will give a driver a much better view of what is approaching them. You will also be able to see cars coming towards you. 


Be careful if you are listening to music with earphones – you may not be able to hear oncoming traffic!


Run in well lit or populated areas if at all possible.


Take your phone!


Always let someone know you are going for a run and approximately how long you intend to be!


Get out with a friend if possible


Plan your route so you know exactly where you are going and what the surroundings will be like.


We would love to hear your tips for keeping safe – Comment below or on our Facebook post HERE


Gear for running after dark